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Our Love Story: 

My earliest memory of Drew was in Sunday School around 7 years old…he was 5. He was cute. But he was too young. Fast forward a few years to me singing in my girlfriend’s wedding, and my future (amazing) mother in law saw me and went home to tell Drew that he should drive to the church and ask me out. He didn’t, but he did come through my coffee stand a few weeks later to see if I wanted to go on a date. I didn’t. But….a few months later, we were brought together again through a series of birthday, christmas and new years parties that he kept stalking me at. Somehow…he just kept showing up…and all though I rolled my eyes and was slightly annoyed that he was crashing my life. The odd thing was…he had everyone laughing and was the entertainment. I kept on my course of snubbing him…but he was just too cocky to get the hint. By Valentines Day…he made one last ditch effort and brought 1 light pink rose to my coffee stand. When I showed up for work, it was there waiting for me. It was gutsy, it was ballsy and I liked that he was confident enough to try to get what he wanted. So…I was ready to go out with him. Then…He didn’t show up at my stand for 2 full weeks (after coming in everytime he saw my yellow ’73 Volkswagen Super Beetle). My mother begged me to call him…and was just too stubborn to. But luckily, he came by and I said thank you. He proceeded to ask me to go to see the Troll Under the Bridge, and …for the most part, the rest was history. :) We just celebrated our 10 year anniversary in one of our favorite places…Palm Springs. It was magical. We laid by the pool and talked. I loved it.

That’s our love story, and I would LOVE to hear yours.

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